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SAPCC #8 – Self Portrait

First, I’d like to give Russ the finger for picking a theme which I am terrible at. The only good photographs of me have been taken by Russ, so I think he planned this in an effort to discredit my work as an artist.

It’s been a long, difficult week. This photo comes from my trip to the dentist. I held the camera, I pushed the button, I take the blame.


As always, please visit the other lovely SAPCC photographers: Russ, Chris, Conni, Pat and (maybe) Smack.

Next week’s theme, suggested by Smack, is “the rub”. Be creative. I’ve already got several ideas.

More of my dental visit photos after the jump…

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My Downtown Chicago Walk

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SAPCC #5 – Fur

I’ve been running like a madman since returning from vacation.  I didn’t get to pose the fur shot I had hoped for, but this was taken on Saturday and I think it fits well.  Given the conent of my photos last week, are you surprised?

I give you fur…and nose.

Be sure to see the other SAPCC entrants:






Next week’s theme: phobias


What is SAPCC you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  Russell, one of my good friends and photographer extraordinaire, asked me to participate in a weekly photographic challenge.  Homework, basically.  We choose a theme, then shoot something we think expresses said theme.  SAPCC is Super Awesome Photo Challenge Club.  Catchy name, I know.

The theme for the inaugural week?  The end of summer.  This is my submission:

Click to see full size.  And now, Russell’s submission.

Thoughts?  End of summer?

In Case of Rapture, Run Like Hell

Apocalypse when?

This is what I saw when leaving work yesterday.  Lovely.

In other news of the scary, CEO’s of failing businesses make more for getting fired than you’ll make in a lifetime.

Also, someone “mistakenly” changed the date and reposted an article, from 2002, about United Airlines going bankrupt.  Result?  Stock nose dives, United freaks out. Who could have done such a thing?  Ohhh, I don’t know….whoever was buying United stock on the way down might be someone worth looking at.  I like to think a staffer at the South Florida Sun Sentinel saved every penny for the last six years, waited for the right day, released the story, bought as much United as he could get his hands on while the price crashed, then promptly retired after the correction back to the original stock value.  If he  bought at a per share average of $5.50 or less, he’d double his money.

He was just another noisy little punk in the great legion of punks who marched between the banners of bigger and better men. Freedom, Truth, Honour- you could rattle off a hundred such words and behind every one of them would gather a thousand punks, pompous little farts, waving the banner with one hand and reaching under the table with the other.

quote – Hunter S Thompson

photos – mine