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SAPCC #22 – Run

Next week, look for SAPCC on the new Penis in a Rowboat.

Russ said he didn’t want to do a sneaker commercial.  Good thing…because I did.  I wanted a reason to try out my new flash.  I only bought a flash because Russ said it would help my pictures not suck so badly.  Not sure if he can be trusted: he’s only in it for the gear.


Run over to see the work of Russ, Smack, Renee, Conni and Chris.

Next week’s theme is Reflect.


I should probably ignore this blog for the weekend.

••So much to do this weekend, so little time. I should be sleeping now, mustering my energy reserves for what will certainly be a grueling marathon of moving, cleaning and home repairs.

••As you’ve no doubt heard…Palin. Wow. Bold choice. Also, foolish choice. As Jon Stewart pointed out, she’s a dead ringer for the “sexy librarian” you find in half the movies on Cinemax in a given year. And she stops being remotely sexy when you find out that she’s “deeply christian,” which is code for “I’m going to leverage my hypocritical religious standing to curry votes so I can roll back the rights of women, homosexuals, minorities, the poor and the real middle class as soon as I’m sworn in.”

••I went for a quick one mile run today and it felt great. I really want to start tomorrow morning with a repeat performance but my morning self is rarely agreeable to the grand ambitions set forth by my night self. I need to get over the “I’m moving” excuse and get back in reasonable shape. We’ll see what happens.