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SAPCC #22 – Run

Next week, look for SAPCC on the new Penis in a Rowboat.

Russ said he didn’t want to do a sneaker commercial.  Good thing…because I did.  I wanted a reason to try out my new flash.  I only bought a flash because Russ said it would help my pictures not suck so badly.  Not sure if he can be trusted: he’s only in it for the gear.


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Next week’s theme is Reflect.

SAPCC 21 – Habit

Some bad habits develop on their own; others are sponsored by your employer.  My bad habit belongs in that latter variety.


And that’s only part of the daily spread.  I’d like to see you keep your grubby fingers out of there, day in, day out.

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Next week: RUN.  Be quick, people.

SAPCC 21 – Rapture

Thought I had some good ideas.  Didn’t pan out.  Scramble scramble scramble.  And I’m not making eggs.

For the idea of christian rapture, which wasn’t my primary idea at all, the jesus people will be literally lifted from the earth and taken to heaven before the final battle of good vs evil on earth.  This also includes the deceased christians.  If rapture is nigh, there will be some scary shit going down (or up) at your local graveyard.  Anyway, since I’m not part of that group, the only way I’ll be heading up to the pearly gates will involve a commercial flight.


Also, I caught this illustration in my seatback pocket:


She’s floating in a body of water after what we can only assume to be an air disaster.  And she looks great. Her hair billows dramatically, her cheeks are seductively flushed, and she still has the presence to know where the camera is.  What kind of nutjob hits you with a come-hither stare in this situation?  Someone who is in complete rapture.  That’s who.  Game, set, match.

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SAPCC #19 – Prick

I kept an eye out for all things prickish.  Didn’t see much.  Then, leaving the office yesterday, I was pricked by this sight (left) as I swung the backdoor shut and closed the iron gate over top of it.  Beautiful sun and sky.  It pricked me.  A few hours later, leaving my house, I saw the deep pink sunset retreating over the trees across the street.  Pricked again.  I dashed back inside to find the camera.

Click to enlarge.


Next week shall be……STRANGER!

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SAPCC #16 – 2008

I’m not sure if this is looking forward or looking back.  Either way, we’re moving.  And that makes me feel better.


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Next week’s theme? Order. Due 1/7/09.

SAPCC #14 – Sin

If ever there were an easy topic for me.  Hold on, let me finish this drink before continuing.  Ahhh, better.  I needed something to calm my nerves after the six car accident I was just in.  I’m not kidding.  Wait until the next post.  You’ll see.

I’m not sure if this photo falls under lust or pride.  And now I give you, free of charge, sin:


Alternate dirty bird.

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Next week’s theme, courtesy of Chris at Small Format, shall be negative space.