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The DailyRathr is alive. Aliiiiiiiive!

You may remember the recent rash of inane choices I was generating here on Penis in a Rowboat.  You may have liked them, you may have hated them.  Thankfully, you won’t find any more here.  Instead, they’ve moved to a spanking new site of their own: The dailyRathr.  You get a ridiculous choice for every day of the week.  Agonize, vote, comment…then check back the next morning.


DailyRathr – Wednesday, 1/07

The DailyRathr is coming.  I promise.  Until then, ponder this:

Would you rather dip your feet in a bucket of maggots for 1 minute,


hold a mouthful of Listerine for 20 minutes?

Would You Rather – Wednesday 12/24

Special xmas eve edition!

Would you rather:

Spend eternity working 18 hour days in Santa’s sweatshop toymaking operation?


Spend twenty years cleaning and sorting all the teeth collected by the tooth fairy?

Would You Rather – Friday 12/19

Would you rather:

Work a job you hate (I mean really hate) and be able to retire after five years?


Work a job you love for the rest of your life, but never have quite enough money to be comfortable?

Would You Rather – Tuesday, 12/16

Would you rather:

Have one day in your life where nothing could go wrong?


Have a magic bathroom that never runs out of toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.?

And don’t give me any practical bullshit like, “If nothing could go wrong, I’d buy one lottery ticket…”  It’s a one day thing, and you can’t take material benefits forward.  And yes, this is meant to be less awful than yesterday’s supremely awful WYR.

Would You Rather – Monday, 12/15

Would you rather:

Forget everyone you’ve ever known?


Be forgotten by everyone you’ve ever known?

Comment: yes, this one really sucks.  Do you give up the lifetime of good and bad memories, or do you keep the memories, but suffer in isolation?  Horrible choice.

Would You Rather – Friday, 12/12

Would you rather:

Spend your life with a very attractive partner who smelled bad?


Spend your life with a very plain partner who did not smell offensive?